Jeremiah Birnbaum

NERFA this weekend! And new videos posted.

Hi everyone. Very excited to be attending the New England Regional Folk Alliance with many of my great friends from the folk scene near and far.  And I've posted several new videos from my record release onto my YouTube page. Also posted here on the Videos page.  

Here's my NERFA schedule if you're coming:

New England Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA) Schedule:
Thursday Nov. 8 -
12:20 AM - Anderson Fair in the Round, room 1410 

Friday Nov. 9 -
3:30 PM - AcousticMusicScene: Remembering Jack Hardy, room 1506 
1:30 AM - Bev & Carolann Present: 2nd Fridays at Two Moon, room 1503 
2:15 AM - People's Music Network Showcase, room 1311  

Saturday, Nov. 10 -
4:40 PM - Cup of Joe Showcase #2, room 1416
11:45 PM - Singer-Songwriter Heaven Showcase, room 1321 
2:15 AM - Cup of Joe Showcase #4 (cohost), room 1416

So excited to folk it up! Folk yeah!  I don't give a folk about nothin but folkin'!  (Please feel free to email me more puns.) -Miah