Jeremiah Birnbaum

Folk Alliance Schedule, Rockwood w' Ben Rabb and Righteous Devils

Hi y'all! Couple o' pieces of news:  


*Folk Alliance up in Toronto is just a few weeks away. I'll be driving up with my pal Jesse Terry, and we're gonna hang with many great friends from the folk scene near and far. If you are attending, I hope to spend some time with ya! Let me know where you're hanging, too. I posted my Folk Alliance schedule below.


*There's a bunch of recent videos from my record release on my YouTube page. Also, I performed some songs live in Studio A at WFUV-FM at the end of 2012, for the amazing John Platt - here's a link to those as well!! 


*If you're in New York this weekend, I am performing TWICE at Rockwood Music Hall this Sunday, Feb 10 - at 3pm in Rockwood 1, playing guitar with my pal Ben Rabb, and then at 11:30 pm at Rockwood 2, it's an Anti-Grammy Party with the Righteous Devils, my blatantly uncommercial power-rock-trio.


The Rockwood(s) are at 196 Allen Street, just south of Houston. Both are FREE! Do it!


No matter what, hope to see ya and play for ya soon. I'm going to be doing a bunch of house concerts this spring, too - so make sure you reach out if you'd like a certain handsome troubadour gracing your living room!




Folk Alliance International Conference Schedule:


Wednesday, Feb. 20 -
10:50 pm, Room 1266 - Folk Alliance "First-Timers" Showcase, hosted by Charlie Stewart

12 midnight, Room 1066 - Philadelphia Love, hosted by Suzie Brown

1:20 am, Room 1068 - IndieSquared Showcase, hosted by Robyn Davis  

Thursday, Feb. 21 - 
1:30 am, Room 1075 - NERFA Showcase, in-the-round w' Bethel Steele + Marci Geller  

Friday, Feb. 22 - 
12:30 am, Room 1169 - Todd's Musical Petting Zoo Showcase 

Saturday, Feb 23 - 
1:30 am, Room 1164 - GoGirls Showcase, hosted by Madelyn Sklar