Jeremiah Birnbaum

The Ramblers
The Ramblers is my band with my co-writer Scott Stein, fellow Jersey boy Shawn Setaro, and Scott's college pal Steve Purcell, not to mention our buddies Mark Marshall and Dave Immergluck, who both play guest guitar on our record. Check us out.
Shanna Zell--supastar!
My very good friend, oft-harmonizer, amazing, honest songwriter, fantastic performer, and one hell of a singer and vocal arranger. Somebody sign her already.
Dave Golden
my good friend, oft-tourmate, and the only other Hebrew I know who loves pulled pork as much as I do.
Shelley Miller
Shels is one of the finest songwriters in the country, and I'll stake my beloved Frye boots on that. I have had the pleasure of being her writing partner from time to'll find some of our collaborations both here and on my sites, too.
Dave Immergluck online
A link to our good friend and sometimes-bandmate...I think he plays for some other bands too...
Scott Stein -- my musical partner in crime.
He's the man. 
Mark Marshall...guitar and production
Mark has been known to pick a song or twelve with The Ramblers...he's one hell of a guitarist and sports the best beard this side of the Hudson.
Indie Sounds / Pete Harris
Pete Harris is a force of warmth and encouragement on our scene, writing and blogging about all manners of musical mayhem. This is his main website and here you'll find links to his radio station and Gig Apple, a musician's resource. Now based in Austin, he blogs about both cities' music scenes. And he loves Formula One, so you know he's more than all right.
Kara Kulpa
Another tourmate and good friend, she is one of the most kind and talented polymath musicians you'll ever encounter. And such a voice!
dba -- a bar in the East Village
Otherwise known as the best damn bar in the city. I am found there a bit.
Late Night at Rockwood Music Hall
Sadly defunct, but used to be the best excuse to call in late or dead on Thursday.
Rockwood Music Hall
The finest venue in New York, bar none, game over. (I heart Kendall.)
My glorious Facebook page.
Where I spend way too much time.
Levon Helm-- rest in peace. We were all blessed to have this man still playing music and making great records right until his passing. Go to his website and buy his albums.
My Twitter Page. It's Twitter. Oy.
Yes, I am a techno-ho.  I love me some Twitter.